Xerox Recycled Supreme FSC 100% Recycled A4 210


Xerox Recycled Supreme FSC 100% Recycled A4 210x297 mm 80gm x 1 Box 2500 Sheets




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Xerox Recycled Supreme is an 80gsm high white 100% recycled home and office paper, designed

to deliver exceptional results, suitable for both laser and inkjet printing applications. This Xerox

paper is ideal for any internal communications, invoices or external letters. Xerox Supreme has

enhanced inkjet performance through the addition of ColorLok®. This is added during the papercreation

process to “lock” the pigments on the surface of the sheet in order to increase the quality

of your digital printouts by providing more vivid colours and bolder blacks - such chemical is also

able to reduce drying times . Xerox Recycled Supreme is an environmentally friendly paper, made

from 100% post-consumer waste, certified FSC®, European EU Ecolabel accredited and carbon

neutral - meaning that the CO2 produced during the paper-making process is calculated and the

cost reinvested into carbon-reducing schemes. For consumers who prefer recycled papers but

demand a high white appearance, Xerox Recycled Supreme 100% is the perfect choice.


 Key Features

  • 100% post consumer waste
  • Co2 Neutral
  • Colorlok certified
  • Chlorine free
  • High white colour and high brightness
  • 100% performance guaranteed

 What can it be used for?

  • Any Office communication, Invoices, External letters and communication.
  • Home and office printing.
  •  Relevant Techniques
  • -Mono and colour laser printing
  • -Mono and colour inkjet printing
  • -Mono and colour photocopying
  •  Guarantees
  • -Permanent paper DIN 6738
  • -Manufactured using processes equivalent to ISO 9001, OHSAS 18001, and
  • ISO 14001 or EMAS.
  • -Xerox 100% performance guarantee