Tesa Eco Clear Tape 50mm x66m Pack 6


Tesa Eco Clear Tape 50mm x66m Pack 6 - high-quality packaging tape with an emphasis on sustainability.




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With tesapack® eco & strong you opt for a high-quality packaging tape with an emphasis on sustainability and environment-friendliness. It is a truly unique carton sealing tape that is made from eco-friendly raw materials and offers exceptional strength and reliability. Superior quality with recycled plastic tesapack® eco & strong is the proof that it is possible to combine recycled materials with outstanding product characteristics. The Polypropylene film of the tape is made from 100% recycled plastic, while the core consists of fully recycled cardboard. Strong adhesion for a long time tesapack® eco & strong is an eco friendly self-adhesive packaging tape that is free from PVC and equipped with a solvent-free adhesive coating. It also offers outstanding UV resistance, which turns it into a highly reliable packaging solution combining durability with superior adhesion. The comfortable way of carton sealing tesapack® eco & strong is not only a premium-quality recycled plastic packaging tape offering superior functional advantages. The tape also offers noise-free unwinding which turns packing a parcel into a quiet and comfortable procedure. Practical dispenser for easy packing tesapack® eco & strong matches any of the tesapack® dispensers. Label made from paperHigh sealing securityEven, low noise unwindingCore made from 100% recycled cardboardSolvent-free adhesive with high UV-resistanceStrong PP backing made from 100% recycled plasticSuitable for use with all available tesapack® hand dispensers