Staedtler 317-9 Medium Black Perm.Lumocolour OH

Staedtler 317-9 Medium Black Perm.Lumocolour OHP Pens  Pack 10




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The Staedtler Lumocolor Overhead Projector Pens are perfect for writing on almost every surface you can imagine, such as CDs, DVDs, glass, plastic, metal, porcelain and much more. They are also guaranteed to give you bold black ink that is perfect for use with overhead projectors, ensuring that your work will stand out. The Lumocolor's medium 1.00mm nib produces a medium line that will be easily visible no matter what you use these pens for. It glides over smooth surfaces such as glass, leaving a strong yet thin line output. The supple nib has been designed to be extra-soft so that it doesn't leave any scratches on more delicate items such as CDs and DVDs. With its water resistant and fade proof ink you can also rely on it staying moist as it can be left for days without the cap on before it starts to dry up. Here at Staples we sell a variety of permanent pens from colours to size in our comprehensive Marker Pens range, all available today on next day delivery. Quick Facts: Staedtler Lumocolour Overhead Projector Pens Colour: Black Quantity: 10 Medium 1.00mm Tip