Premium Vinyl SA 270 Glossy 130mic 610mm x 30m

Premium Vinyl SA 270 Glossy 130mic 610mm x 30m for Aqueous Printers




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Premium vinyl film with a permanent adhesive for the production of signs and advertising media in photographic quality

SA Vinyl Plus is a permanently adhesive, monomeric PVC film for quick dry prints in photographic quality. It is suitable for bonding with all flat and smooth substrates and therefore an optimum solution for the production of signage and indoor advertising media. This gloss finish, flexible film is optimised for printing with aqueous inks. Thanks to its water-resistant coating, it is also suitable for short-term outdoor applications when printed with pigment inks. The prints impress with high colour saturation, while quick drying times ensure a hassle-free and efficient printing process. As the material has no optical brighteners, it guarantees prints that impress with enduring brilliance and consistently high gloss in all printed and unprinted areas. B1 fire safety certification makes the material suitable for use in public buildings and exhibition halls.