Pentel Automatic Pencil P207-C (Single Pencil)

Pentel Automatic Pencil P207-C (Single Pencil) are smart and ideal for the professional drawer or designer.




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Unlike other mechanical pencils, these Pentel Blue Barrel P200 Automatic Pencils are smart and ideal for the professional drawer or designer who wants the quality of a normal HB graphite pencil which stays sharp and doesn't need re-sharpening. This XP207 pencil features a replaceable rubber at the end of the pencil and to get more lead when it is wearing low, you simply press the rubber down to expose more. The 0.7mm HB lead produces a medium sized line transfer and it is ideal for drawing and designing as it will last longer than a traditional pencil. This pencil is fantastic value for money as it comes with six HB graphite refill leads which can be used when your whole lead has finished. They are the ideal component to any home or office and are a lsquo;must have’ for students of all age as they are safe to use due to the thin lead that will snap if too much pressure is applied. From Gel Pens to Highlighters, we’ve got all the writing essentials for your desktop in our Writing and Correction range, all available today on next day delivery from Staples. Key Points: Pentel Blue Barrel P200 Automatic Pencils Barrel Colour: Blue Pack Size: Single Thickness: 0.7mm Manufacturer: Paper Mate