EFI 6225XF 44 Semi Matte 225gsm 3 cor (6738112031) Roll

The EFI CertProof Paper 6225XF Semimatt is a universal purpose PE-coated, microporous paper designed for offset and gravure proofing.




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 It shows outstanding results with the latest ink generation of the leading printer manufacturers. With its very wide colour gamut, the media is capable of Spot-Colour Proofing and meets the industry's most stringent quality and consistency requirements. The EFI CertProof Paper 6225XF has almost no optical brighteners, which minimises metamerism and reduces measurement errors in the profiling process.   Key features - Covers paper type classes PT1, PT2 and PT3" - Suitable for proofing according to FOGRA39 - With EFI-FOGRA print on the backside - Very wide colour gamut - Surface - Semimatt -Grammage 225


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EFI CertProof Paper 6225XF Semimatt is a universal PE-coated microporous paper made for proofing in offset and gravure printing.

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