Easy Dot PET Transparent L-UV 75mic x 50m


EASY DOT® PET TRANSPARENT L-UVself-adhesive ►printable ►special for latex and UV-curable inks ►PVC-free ►ultra-transparent ►for indoors



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Easy dot® PET transparent L-UV is a printable, self-adhesive film. It is ultra transparent. The PVC-free film features the proven easy dot® technology. It is therefore very easy to apply without bubbles and can also be removed again if necessary. Thanks to the adhesive technology, easy repositioning is reliably possible. easy dot® PET transparent L-UV is ideal for smooth substrates indoors. It is compatible with PP MATT BACKING.


  • PVC-free and dimensionally stable
  • Up to 25% less material than PVC film
  • easy dot® adhesive technology
  • Very good print quality
  • Easy and bubble-free bonding
  • Very good flatness
  • Removable without residue