Daler Stud. M Board A1 (302001083) Wedgewood 1400 m

Daler Studland Mount Board - A1 - Wedgewood - Pack of 5 Sheets




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This board is available in 47 colours, meaning you will definitely be able to find the ideal shade to complement your artwork. Studland board is specially designed to be easy to cut and to provide clean, sharp edges. It is made up of 3 components; surface paper, core and backing paper. This format allows for a sturdier, longer lasting board – especially when combined with the fact that the core and backing paper are made with alkaline fillers included, giving the board acid-free quality. This mount board is 1400 microns thick, making it lightweight, whilst still being robust and strong. - Surface texture: Smooth - Acid free: Yes - Surface pattern: Plain - Item weight: 75g (per sheet) - Thickness: 1400 microns Size A1 Sold as pack of 5 Sheets Colour Wedgewood


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