Copic Ink W9 Warm Gray9

Copic Ink W9 Warm Gray 9 to add depth and dimension to your artwork.




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Copic Ink W9 Warm Gray 9 is a specific type of ink refill used with Copic markers, a popular brand of high-quality alcohol-based markers widely used by artists, illustrators, and designers.

Copic ink refills allow users to replenish the ink in their Copic markers when they run dry. This is one of the key features of Copic markers, as it makes them a cost-effective and environmentally friendly choice for artists and designers who use markers frequently.

Copic markers are prized for their high-quality ink, smooth blending capabilities, and versatility in artistic and design work. Warm Gray 9, being a very dark shade, is often used for creating depth, shading, and shadows in illustrations, drawings, and other artistic projects where gray tones are required.