Canford Card A1 Bubblegum 300gsm (402850073)  Pack 10

Daler-Rowney Canford Coloured card is an acid-free, high-quality paper available in various colours.




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Ideal for presentation and display in every setting, from professional design studio to school art projects, Daler-Rowney Canford Coloured card is an acid free, high quality paper, available in a variety of different colours.

Why choose Daler-Rowney Canford Card?

An incredibly versatile material, Canford Card can be used for paper sculpture and modelling, as well as decorative arts, collage and craft projects.

Who are Daler-Rowney?

Established in 1783, by Richard and Thomas Rowney, Daler-Rowney has been manufacturing the finest art materials for over 230 years.


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