Backlit City Textile 180gm2 x 50m

Backlit City Textile is a 100% polyester that has been bath coated and then coated again on one side with resin, which allows to print UV, solvent and latex inks. Whiter and of higher quality, its very tight structure makes it ideal for backlit or frontlit graphics as well as indoor and short-term outdoor applications. It produces flawless high quality images when rear-illuminated.



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Key Features
- Yarn Dtex: 83x83 dtex / 75x75 denier
- Weave method: Woven
- Shrinkage: ≤2% (190°C, 1min)
- Light transmittance: 44%
- Flame resistance: B1
- Recommended fixation temperature: 190°C-210°C, 1-2 min
- Transfer temperature: 190°C-210°C, 1-2 min
- Yellowing temperature: ≥210°C