Ambersil Amberclens Anti-Static Foam Cleaner 400ml

Ambersil Amberclens Anti-static Foam Cleaner 400 ml Aerosol - multipurpose anti-static foaming cleaner.




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Amberclens Anti-Static Foaming Cleaner

A multipurpose anti-static foaming cleaner. Ideal for general cleaning on a wide variety of electronic, industrial, aerospace and commercial equipment.

Anti-Static Foaming Cleaners-water based
Removes tough, stubborn stains such as grease, grime, dirt and nicotine
Anti-static formulation, reduces the attraction of airborne dust
Meets Military, Rail and Automotive specifications - NATO catalogue No. 6550-99-2125987, British Rail catalogue No. 7 / 7056, Ford Motor Company Tox No. 148491
Fitted with 360° valve system for angle use