Edding 55-003 (Blue/3) Fineliner Pen Pack 10

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Edding 55-003 (Blue/3) Fineliner Pen Pack 10. The 55 fineliner is a true classic in edding's range.




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The 55 fineliner is a true classic in edding's range. It is the fineliner for any avid writer, whether you are writing letters, postcards, personal notes or your own recipe collection. Because of the wide range of colours available when writing a recipe, for example, you can use different colours for important passages to make them stand out and even sketch the result of your handiwork at the bottom of the page. This fineliner is also perfect for fine detailed drawings. The fineliner has a robust metal-framed nib which, despite its thinness of approximately 0.3 mm, is particularly long-lasting. The pen's ink is water-based. Description Fineliner for writing, sketching, illustrating and creating layouts on light-coloured paperThe metal-framed plastic nib has a stroke width of 0.3 mmThe water-based ink is water-soluble until dry and does not bleed through paperAvailable in various colours