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Xerox Ecoprint A4 210 x 297mm 75gsm  - Single Pack of 500 sheets
Xerox Recycled 80gsm 100% A4 -  Pack 500
Xerox Colotech+ A4 200gsm 210x297 Fsc3 (003R99018) pk250s 64478
Xerox Colotech+ A3 200gsm 297x420 Fsc3  (003R99019) pk250s  64479
Xerox Colotech+ A4 100gsm 210x297 Fsc3  (003R99004) pk500s  64461
Xerox Colotech+ A3 100gsm 420x297 Fsc3  pk500s 64462
Xerox Colotech+  A4 120gsm 210x297 Fsc3 (003R99009) pk500s  64463
Xerox Colotech+ A3 120gsm 297x420 Fsc  (003R99010) pk500s  64464
Colotech Natural Wht 160gsm A3SG (003R95957) pk250 (66938)
Colotech Natural Wht 160gsm A4 Card (003R95956) pk250 (66942)
Colotech Natural Wht 100gsm A3 SG (003R97103) pk500 (66934)
Colotech Natural Wht 200gsm A3SG (003R95959)  pk250
Xerox Colotech+ SRA3 120gsm 450x320 Fsc3 (003R99011) pk500s  64426
Xerox Colotech+ SRA3 160gsm 320x450 (003R99016) pk250s S/G  64427
Xerox Colotech+ SRA3 220gsm 450x320 Fsc3 (003R99024) pk250s  64429
Xerox Colotech+ SRA3 250gsm 450x320 Fsc3 pk250s
Xerox Colotech+ A3 160gsm 420x297 Fsc3 (003R99015) pk250s S/G  64477
Colotech A3 80gsm Business  (003R91821) pk500 62282
Colotech A4 80gsm 210x297 Business (003R91820) pk500  R01  62283
Xerox Colotech+ A4 250gsm 210x297 Fsc3 (003R99026) pk250s  64482
Xerox Colotech+ A3 250gsm 297x420 Fsc3 pk250s
Xerox Colotech+ A3 280gsm 297x420 Fsc3 (003R99031) pk250s  64484
Xerox Colotech+ A4 280gsm 210x297 Fsc3 (003R99030) pk250s  64483
Xerox Colotech+ A4 220gsm 210x297 Fsc3 (003R99022) pk250s   64480
Xerox Colotech+ A4 160gsm 210x297 Fsc Mix 70%  250 sheets 64476
Xerox Colotech+ A3 220gsm 297x420 Fsc3 (003R99023) pk250s  64481
Xerox Colotech Performer 80gsm A4 (003R90649) pk500  Single Ream (62304)
Xerox Premium Transparency Plain 115mic A4 210x297mm Fsc4 Pk50 (003r98220
Xerox Premium Transparencies SRA3 320x450mm 1gm2 Fsc4 Pk 200 (003r98201
Xerox Premium Transparencies A4 210x297mm 1gm2 Fsc4 Pk100 (003r98202)
Xerox Premium Transparencies A3 297x420mm Pk 100 (003r98203)
Xerox Premium Transparencies A4 210x297mm 1gm2 Fsc4 Pk 50 (003r98205)
Xerox Colotech+ SRA3 90gsm 320x450 (003R98840) pk500s Fsc3  (63895)
Xerox Colotech+ A4 300gsm 210x297 Fsc3 (003R99034) pk125  64485
Colotech 300gsm SRA3 SG (003R92072) PK125  White Paper 83778
Xerox Colotech+ A3  300gsm   FSC  Sold as a single pack of 125 sheets
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